Looking for a Portable Handheld Fan? Look at YunTuo

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Do you need to cool off from the intense heat?

The YunTuo fan is an amazing and effective portable fan that fits in one hand.  It will help you cool off in the hot summer.  It’s a portable fan that is perfect for the office, travel, outdoors, inside the car, and many more places. This portable fan is a perfect gift for both men and women. Don’t be fooled by its size, this fan boasts great battery performance that can deliver up to a total of 10 hours at full power. This fan cannot be missing from your home. Conventional portable fans typically offer less than 3 hours of high-speed use. It is a perfect gift for parents, children, family, and friends. This compact fan will help you avoid the heat and fatigue caused by the sun. It is available at an incredible price.

YunTuo Portable Fan Feature

The YunTuo has amazing features despite being small. This amazing fan features a durable battery (4400mAh) which is enough to stay cool most of the day. The battery of this mini-USB fan can work 6-15 hours and is fully charged for 4 hours. Its 3 speeds – high, medium, and low – allow you to regulate the power of your device. In addition, it can move a high flow of air without making much noise, and it is perfect for use in indoor and outdoor spaces, as it is portable and can be held in the hand and has great stability to keep it fixed. It weighs only 290 grams and fits perfectly in your bag or backpack. This amazing fan can generate a strong wind of up to 4304 RPM when in lat maximum speed. This fan is easy to use thanks to its design you can use it by hand or if you want you can use it as a desktop fan. This portable fan is essential for summer to stay cool while traveling, while working, after training, or when you need to cool off from the heat. This fan is an ideal gift for parents, children, nephews, grandparents, or friends. In low mode, this fan can offer a performance of up to 16 hours which is incredibly high unlike common compact fans while in the medium mode it can offer a performance of 8 hours. This portable fan is a purchase that can not be missing in your home and is available at an incredible price.


If you need a portable and compact fan to cool off from the intense heat, the YunTuo fan is what you need. This wonderful handheld fan can deliver up to 10 hours of performance at a high speed. It is easy to use and recharges in just 4 hours. This portable fan is a must-have purchase in your home. It is available on Amazon at an incredible price.

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