Looking for a different punching bag? Check out Power Core Bag Everlast

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Are you looking for a punching bag that will improve your workouts?

Power Core Bag Everlast is an amazing bag to train the strength of your punches and kicks. It is ideal for home use thanks to its modern and effective design. This boxing and MMA bag is designed to significantly improve your punching strength.  Everlast is a leading brand in boxing and has always offered high-quality accessories. Unlike conventional punching bags, this is easy to assemble thanks to its design which avoids trying while installing it. The manufacture of advanced equipment ensures better performance in your workouts. Built with advanced technology to improve its performance. This incredible punching bag and MMA is an accessory that can not be missing in your training. It is available at an incredible price.

Power Core Bag Everlast feature

The Everlast punching bag and MMA is a recommended options if you want to improve your athletic performance. This new model is built with high-quality material to ensure optimal performance, which will provide more strength. The punching bag is also easier to assemble, you will not need help to assemble it thanks to its design and construction it is much easier to assemble, unlike traditional punching bags. An amazing feature of this punching bag is its energy dispersion which offers excellent performance. It has a modern tridisc support that will withstand the strongest blows. It offers an incredible bounce and dispersion of force which helps to significantly improve the strength of blows and kicks. This punching bag can vary in weight according to your needs, you can fill the base with a weight of up to 350 lbs while using sand, if you fill the base with water you can add up to 250 lbs of weight when using water. It is built with high-quality external material, is a combination of high-quality vinyl and synthetic leather, and resists sweat and moisture effectively. The use of this punching bag is recommended for indoors, it is not recommended for outdoor use. Another impressive and effective feature is that this punching bag is adjustable, you will be able to adjust the height manually (52 to 65 inches). The filling used inside is made of high-quality foam that absorbs your blows correctly, the filling is neither very soft nor very hard which is perfect for workouts. Everlast recommends wearing gloves to protect your hands from injury.


If you are looking for a punching bag or MMA to improve your performance, Power Core Bag Everlast is what you need. This technological punching bag allows you to significantly better your punch strength. It is easy to assemble. The base can support up to 350 pounds of sand and 250 pounds of water. Ideal for beginners and experts. This heavy bag cannot be missing from your training routine. It is available on Amazon at an affordable price.

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