Organize Your Workspace: The Kungfuking USB-C Power Strip Keeps Your Desk Neat and Tidy

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It’s amazing how our desks fill up with wires in such a short amount of time, even when you try to tidy it up again. The number of cables increases especially if you need to work with multiple devices at the same time. Another big problem that arises is when you want to move your desk, but the outlet isn’t close enough, so adding a power strip should be the best solution. However, I’m not talking about just any power strip but one that can offer you better comfort. Did you know that there are some designed to fit better on your desk?

If you want your desk to look flawless, then adding a power strip with clamps is exactly what you need. But why is it better than conventional power strips? Well, first, you’ll be able to install it directly on your desk, which means you could strategically place it to camouflage cables, which are the main reason why many desks look cluttered. If you still don’t know which one to choose, then read on to discover one of the best brands.

The Kungfuking USB-C power strip not only gives you AC, USB-C, and USB-A outputs but also security to keep your devices running without worrying about overvoltage or short-circuit issues. Certainly, it is a product simply but one that meets the highest safety standards. Best of all, its design is adjustable, meaning you won’t have to worry about drilling your desk or anything like that.


Say goodbye to annoying cables thanks to the Kungfuking USB-C power strip. This innovative product is the ultimate solution to keep your desk tidy with great ease. As a main feature,

It distinguishes itself with its effortless installation, making it a breeze to set up on your desktop. Unlike other brands, you won’t need to damage your desk, as this power strip uses a 3mm clamp mechanism that allows it to be attached to your desk without screws or drills. It offers 3 AC outlets. 2 outputs via a USB-C port and 1 USB-A port, which will be enough to connect most of your devices without any problems. For added safety, you should know that the Kungfuking USB-C power strip has 1200 joules of protection, which is the measurement that measures surge protection (1200 joules is a high level of protection).

The 2 USB-C ports can deliver a maximum power output of up to 45W so you can recharge your devices quickly. The USB-A port offers a 15W output, while the AC outputs handle 120V-250V. The 45° tilted design allows it to be easier to place. In addition, the power cord is 10 feet long, allowing it to be seamlessly plugged into the outlet. Rest assured that the Kungfuking USB-C power strip offers the best performance thanks to its advanced 8-point security system that ensures your devices run efficiently without worry. An excellent acquisition, perfect not only for use on your desk but also in your office or anywhere you need a high-quality USB-C power strip.

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