Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit: Review

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If you are a music lover or are simply looking for a different gift to surprise a loved one, a music box can be one of the best ideas. However, some options already include a unique song, which may not be the best idea as it is not customizable compared to the Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit. This is a fully customizable music box, which means the song can be created on strips of paper. Therefore, it is possible to create unique melodies that no one has done before.

Do you have to be a musician to use the Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box?

Not! While having a solid knowledge of music theory goes a long way in creating melodies that aren’t pre-designed, it won’t be necessary, as there is a website that brings together hundreds of fans who have already created some of the most popular melodies. The site is called “musicboxmaniacs” and already has thousands of popular songs available for 100% free.

Sometimes I use this page and I can guarantee that you can find some beautiful melodies by professional musicians. All melodies can be exported to PDF and clearly show where the hole in the paper strip should be drilled. It’s important to note that this is a slow process that will take up to an hour if you’re too careful, but it’s satisfying once you complete it. As a recommendation, make sure to double-check or triple-check before drilling each hole.

How do you use this music box?

This Kikkerland music box is designed so that any child or adult can start simply playing magical music. Once the strip of paper is inserted into the music box, it is only necessary to turn the crank and the song will start playing. The mechanism may seem strange, but it’s easy to understand, every gap in the strip of paper is a note, so a hammer-like mechanism triggers the sound every time you pass over that gap.

Are paper strips included?

Yes! This kit includes 4 strips of paper, in addition, one of the strips of paper is already perforated and can play the tune of “Happy Birthday”. This is a great help to get an idea of how it works, so I’m pretty sure that if you follow the prompts and recommendations mentioned above, you’ll be able to create beautiful melodies.

Can you buy more strips of paper separately?

Yes of course! I used the ones that were included, and they weren’t enough, so I managed to find a set of 30 strips of paper for about $10, which was more than enough to create a bunch of fun tunes. So, if your idea is to create a lot of melodies like mine, you can always find strips of paper for this music box.

This music box is one of the most fun and inexpensive gift ideas you can find. So, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, fun is guaranteed.

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