Keep your wines and soft drinks cold with the Empava BR04D Fridge

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Looking for a small refrigerator to store and cool all your favorite drinks?

When the hot climates approach you know there’s nothing better than having a cold and refreshing drink. Many times, we forget to buy our favorite drink for many reasons, some people do not have enough space to store cans of soda or wine, so if you are a person who usually drinks this kind of thing then you know how important it is to expand the space of your refrigerator. No, you don’t need to fight over your kitchen refrigerator, you can avoid all those problems if you get a refrigerator specially designed to keep your beverage and wine cold. Note that not all refrigerators of this type have the same performance and capacity.

The refrigerators to store drinks and wines are designed mainly to cool drinks to extremely cold temperatures, but without falling below freezing temperatures, which guarantees cold drinks whenever you need to cool off from heat or fatigue. Some refrigerators only include one cooling zone while more expensive ones include two zones so you can cool your drinks in different places and at different temperatures. The best thing about these types of refrigerators is that they usually have a compact size, so you could place them almost anywhere in the home compared to a traditional refrigerator.

The Empava BR04D refrigerator is one of the best options to consider if you are looking to keep all your wines and drinks cold. It is a compact high-performance refrigerator that will allow you to keep all your drinks extremely cold. Best of all, this refrigerator has two cooling zones to separate wines and beverages. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Empava BR04D fridge

If you are looking to keep your favorite drinks cold and away from your kitchen refrigerator, then the Empava BR04D is what you need. The main feature of this compact-sized Fridge is that, unlike other models, the Empava BR04D has two cooling zones, meaning you can keep your wines and drinks separate. If even this does not surprise you then you should know that not only can you separate the drinks and wines, but you can also control the two cooling zones with different temperatures. Temperatures as low as 38°F use a high-performance compressor to ensure that all your wines and beverages have the correct temperature. The area on the left (for wines) can reach a minimum temperature of up to 40°F and a maximum of 66°F, keep in mind that, although this area is designed for wine it is possible to place other drinks with sizes similar to wine bottles. The area on the right (designed for drinks) can reach a cooler temperature of up to 38°F and a maximum of 50°F, so you can choose how cold you want your favorite drink. Remember that the temperatures are adjustable, you choose the temperature of each cooling zone. To ensure an equitable cold in all your wines and drinks, 2 powerful fans will take care of keeping the cold the same in each cooling zone. You can place up to 33 bottles of wine and up to 96 cans of drinks, which is a generous amount of space.

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