Keep your teeth clean with the PHYLIAN Sonic electric toothbrush

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Do you feel that your toothbrush is not good enough to ensure a good oral cleaning? Surely you should start using an electric toothbrush

Oral cleaning is one of the most important hygiene routines if you want to maintain a good smile. Often many people forget to brush their teeth for different reasons, but if you do not take care of your stores, you will have many problems such as cavities or bad breath, so you will end up spending thousands of dollars at the dentist if you do not take proper care of your teeth.  There’s another reason why you should brush your teeth thoroughly, as you know, no person can stand bad breath, so if you don’t want to disappoint your partner, then make sure you keep their teeth fresh.

If you are reading estop, surely you are tired of using a traditional toothbrush, they are functional, but as you know, technology always tends to improve things, and that is exactly what the electric toothbrush can do. Unlike the traditional toothbrush, the electric toothbrush offers greater teeth cleaning, is more fun to use, and best of all is that it can remove up to 3 times more dirt plaque, which helps keep teeth white.

The PHYLIAN Sonic electric toothbrush is probably one of the best in the competition, do you know why I say that? The price and features it can offer are much better compared to other brands like Oral-B which end up being ridiculously expensive just because of the brand name. Includes replacement heads so you can save money and time. Without a doubt a great way to start taking care of your health. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the PHYLIAN Sonic electric toothbrush

  • 40,000 vibrations per minute

One of the features, of why the electric toothbrush is better than a traditional toothbrush, is that it offers powerful vibrations that help improve oral cleaning. The PHYLIAN Sonic can deliver 40,000 vibrations per minute, ensuring your teeth look and feel much fresher every time you finish brushing your teeth.  You can also change the power easily, so choose between the different brushing modes. This electric toothbrush can clean up to 99% of dirty plaque, rest assured that your teeth will be much cleaner compared to a traditional brush.

  • Incredibly long-lasting battery

Most electric toothbrushes offer a decent battery, but the PHYLIAN Sonic includes a   rechargeable battery that allows you to use the electric toothbrush for up to 120 days on a single charge, this is not only amazing, but it is a lot more than any expensive electric toothbrush that usually offers a duration of less than half in most cases. To get a full charge you don’t need to wait forever, you just need to charge the electric toothbrush for 3 hours and you’ll get a full charge. The long-lasting battery allows you to take the electric toothbrush anywhere worry-free, plus a case is included so you can store it easily.

  • 8 heads included

This is one of the best reasons why you should choose this amazing electric brush, unlike other brands like Oral-B that sell the heads separately and at high prices, the PHYLIAN Sonic includes 8 interchangeable heads for free, allowing you to use them for up to 24 months (3 months for each head), Which is a great saving of money if you take into account that you can buy interchangeable heads separately if at some point you finish using them all. This is a great incentive as you could save a lot of money. In addition to the interchangeable heads, a charging cable and a case are included so you can store your new toothbrush.

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