Keep your money safe with the Italian leather wallet Vera Forma Leatherworks

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Looking for a high-quality men’s wallet? Look no further, you need a wallet made with authentic leather

If you are the one who usually dresses elegantly, then you should know how important it is to have a good quality wallet, not only because it will match your clothes, but because a good quality wallet could last up to 70% longer than a cheap wallet. Cheap wallets often wear out quickly, that’s because in most cases they are made of synthetic leather, that is, no authentic leather is used, so there is no point in the comparison between these two types of materials.  Although if you want a wallet of the best quality, then make sure it is handmade, so you make sure you have something with better finishes.

Why is Italian leather considered the best?

Italian leather is used in many garments of recognized brands because it is obtained with a strict treatment, so, unlike ordinary leather, Italian leather will look better quality and of course, will last much longer. Italian leather is also used in luxury cars, the upholstery of the seats usually looks much better when using Italian leather, so, the most luxurious car brands usually use it.

The Italian leather wallet Vera Forma Leatherworks is undoubtedly what you need if you want to dress elegantly, designed so that you can store your credit cards, cash, and all your IDs in a much more elegant way. Made to last for many years, without a doubt a great gift that every man would like to have. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Italian leather wallet Vera Forma Leatherworks

If you are looking to dress elegantly, then this wallet made of Italian leather is the best option. The main characteristic of this portfolio is that it is made 100% by hand, by expert craftsmen, so the quality is exceptional. Another amazing feature of Vera Forma Leatherworks wallets is that they are built to last a lifetime, which is amazing news, you won’t have to buy another wallet again, this wallet will look better over time, unlike other brands that use synthetic leather.  It has the capacity to store up to 16 credit cards and 2 spaces to store money, so you can store all your IDs and important cards within this wallet. To ensure a high quality of leather, you will be able to feel a pleasant smell and a comfortable feeling when using the wallet, Italian leather really feels good. So that you can buy with confidence, a 3-year warranty is included, which means that the manufacturer is really confident in the quality of their products, so, you get 3 years warranty in case you notice any quality problems. It is available in 2 sizes (minimalist and slim), so you can choose the model you like the most. A stylish box is also included in case you want to gift the wallet to a loved one.

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