Keep products in good temperatures with the Silonn SLRE01P mini refrigerator

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Looking for a mini fridge to keep your products in good condition?

If you have special products that require keeping them at a slightly low temperature, you may worry about preventing them from being spoiled by poor temperature management. Many creams and products related to the skin usually require a low or high temperature to prevent the composition from being affected due to sudden changes in temperature. You might think that there is no product capable of being compact enough that it can still offers excellent performance, but the truth is that you can find the mini refrigerator. This incredible invention is capable of working even in the car, it is also characterized by having a small size that makes it easy to transport. They are easy to use and usually maintain a good temperature which should be enough to keep special products or some drinks at good temperatures. Definitely an interesting product that could make your life easier.

Among one the best mini refrigerators are the Silonn SLRE01P. It is an incredible refrigerator of a compact size capable of maintaining the correct temperature according to the need. Best of all, you can use it even in the car, which makes it an easy product to transport. You should keep in mind that it is a product with little capacity, so do not expect to fill this mini refrigerator with 12 dozen bottles, nor expect too low temperatures, because this will not be able to freeze absolutely anything. If that’s not a problem for you then it will definitely be a great purchase. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Mini Refrigerator Silonn SLRE01P

Now you will be able to keep special products like creams and medicines in good temperatures without worrying about them spoiling. The main feature of this mini refrigerator is its compact size which makes it ideal for use in the bedroom, bathroom, car, or office. Temperatures may be maintained at 68°F while using it in the cold setting, this should be enough to slightly cool drinks or medications. You can also heat the mini fridge and reach a temperature of up to 140°F, which is really useful if you need to heat a specific product. You’ll be able to store 6 cans of soda, which is a limited amount, but I guess if you’re looking to buy a mini fridge the size should be something secondary. This mini refrigerator is capable of cooling thanks to an updated smart chip to offer up to 22% colder. The chip has also been updated to be 43% larger, ensuring better performance. Another feature of this mini fridge is that it is quiet and only produces a slight 25dB sound that should be so low that you probably won’t hear it while you sleep. To run this mini refrigerator you will only need to connect it to a standard US plug (110-120V). To use it in the car you must connect it to a 12V plug (only use it while the car is on).


The Silonn SLRE01P mini refrigerator is a device that will allow you to store and store in a correct temperature product that needs it. Although it does not offer the same performance as a full-size refrigerator, 68°F will be enough to cool drinks or cocktails. It is easy to transport and has low power consumption. For less than $50 is an option to consider.

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