Kalimba of 21 notes? Look at XINQIDIAN new Kalimba

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Looking for a kalimba for yourself or to give to your friends?

The Kalimba is a beautiful and easy-to-use musical instrument. Kalimba has its origins in Africa more than 1000 years ago, although it has changed the way it is manufactured and the design still bears a great resemblance. This instrument requires little musical knowledge to start playing the first melodies because it only has to play the metal keys to generate a beautiful sound. Just watch some videos on YouTube to start playing your favorite songs. The vast majority of Kalimbas are made of hardwood and use metal keys to generate a beautiful sound that is usually reassuring for most people.

If you are looking for a Kalimba you will immediately realize that the vast majority only offer 17 notes that, although it is enough to play most songs could be limited in some songs, so a Kalimba of 21 notes would be the best option if you are looking to use the kalimba for a long time. XINQIDIAN new kalimba offers incredibly good build quality and also offers 21 notes so you can play all your favorite songs. If you are looking for a kalimba for personal use or to give away you would surely like more about this product.

Features of the 21-note Kalimba XINQIDIAN

The KALIMBA from XINQIDIAN is an amazing musical instrument that is easy to play and is also cheap. The main feature of this kalimba is the quality of construction, mahogany wood is used to ensure a clear sound. The mahogany wood has been dried outdoors to maintain the essence of the kalimba sound. Unlike most Kalimbas this one has been inspected by strict tests to ensure that each Kalimba works properly. Another feature is that it provides 21 notes, so you’ll be able to play the songs better than a 17-note kalimba. The bars are made of mineral metal to maintain tuning and also offer greater comfort when playing the keys. The keynotes are written on each metal bar so that you never forget the name of each note. Although each kalimba is sent in tune, over time the notes may be slightly out of tune, so a small hammer designed to tune the kalimba is included. To tune the Kalimba you just need to download the mobile device application “gStrings” and use the tuning hammer (included), always keep your kalimba tuned to generate a perfect melody. A protective case is included so you can take this kalimba anywhere, a fabric to clean your kalimba, and stickers of musical notes are also included.


If you are looking for a high-quality kalimba for personal use or to give away then the XINQIDIAN kalimba is what you need. This kalimba is made of high-quality mahogany to ensure a clear sound. Additional accessories are included so you can take care of your kalimba.

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