ICECO VL90 ProD portable refrigerator

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Keeping food at a good temperature has never been easier with the ICECO VL90 ProD portable refrigerator

Looking for a high-performance portable refrigerator to keep drinks and food at a good temperature when you are traveling?

When we need to travel, we probably won’t be able to chill our drinks and that can be a problem if your family and friends travel with you. I think nothing is more pleasant than cooling off with a cold drink when we are tired of the heat, so it is certainly something you should think about if you are looking to spend many hours away from home. Refrigerators are certainly one of the best ways to keep your food at a good temperature. You might think that a portable refrigerator cannot work effectively and although you may be right, it will all depend on the budget you have. In most cases, you can cool a wide variety of products, although it is usually used to cool drinks.

As I mentioned earlier, not all portable coolers work the same. If you do not want your drinks to end up hot then you will have to buy a high-performance refrigerator, this way you can get lower temperatures, so you should have no problem cooling most foods. High-performance portable coolers also allow you to charge your cell phone, this can be very useful if your friends need to recharge their cell phones.

The ICECO VL90 ProD is undoubtedly one of the best high-performance portable coolers.  With this refrigerator you can get temperatures as low as 0°F, so your food will stay at the right temperature while you are traveling away from home. Within this, you can carry dozens of cans of soft drinks, so it will be ideal for camping. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the ICECO VL90 ProD portable refrigerator

Extremely cold

Although this is a portable refrigerator, you can get temperatures of 0°F, which will allow you to freeze bacon, sausages, meats, and many more foods. Unlike other portable refrigerators, the ICECO VL90 ProD can maintain freezing temperatures for many hours, which will prevent your food from spoiling. The temperature can be adjusted and varies from 0°F to 50°F.

Withstands extreme heat

As you know, weather conditions can be extremely hot, the ICECO VL90 ProD will operate normally no matter how hot the day is. The interior of the car can get too hot but don’t worry, this portable refrigerator will keep all your drinks cold. 

Easy to cool

To pre-cool the refrigerator you will only need to connect this portable refrigerator to an AC outlet (120-240V), you can get the temperature of 0 ° F in about 80 minutes. This refrigerator also has two USB ports so you can charge your cell phones.

Two modes of use

To adapt the portable refrigerator to your needs, it has two modes of use (MAX and ECO mode). The MAX mode allows you to quickly cool or freeze the portable cooler, and the ECO mod allows you to save energy, but it will cool slower as a consequence.

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