High-end acoustic guitar for less than $500? Check out Little Martin LX

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Looking to buy a new guitar from the renowned Martin & Co brand?

Acoustic guitars require a strong sound and need excellent resonance in order to obtain a clear sound. As you may know, the vast majority of cheap guitars offer a bad sound and you will often be able to realize the big difference between a cheap guitar made with cheap materials and a high-end guitar handmade with the best quality wood. Although there are a lot of brands you should know that not all brands have the same quality control, so if you are paying money for a guitar of this style you should receive the best treatment and make sure that your guitar is well built enough so that it can last for many years. Martin guitars are the dream of many people because they have been used by an extensive list of famous artists, from Paul McCartney member of the Beatles to modern pop celebrities such as Ed Sheeran. The truth is that Martin guitars will never abandon him and will always maintain the characteristic sound.

Why choose an LX-sized Martin guitar?

This model is Martin’s smallest guitar so they have worked to get a guitar with an incredible sound, but reducing the size, so if you are not looking to play fingerstyle all the time surely this guitar is perfect for you. Next, I will write down the most interesting features of the Martin LX guitar.

Features of the Little Martin LX acoustic guitar

Martin, founded in 1833 has always been an example of prestige and quality. This time they have manufactured an acoustic guitar of LX size so the guitar maintains the same sound quality, but now the guitar will be easier to transport. Martin has used Sitka spruce wood in the construction of the guitar, this wood is the most used in most Martin models, so they have decided to continue maintaining the quality and characteristic of the sound. High-pressure laminate has been used to ensure that the guitar continues to look good even after 10 years. Another great feature of the Little Martin LX guitar is that it is handmade in the United States to ensure that every part of your guitar has been inspected by experienced workers. The classic design of the guitar makes it look old but maintains modern improvements to improve comfort. You can play any genre of music using this guitar, whether you want to play rock, folk, pop, or country songs, the guitar will always respond with Martin’s signature sound. The guitar is ideal for beginners, intermediate or experienced players looking for a new LX size guitar from the renowned Martin brand.


If you are a beginner or experienced guitar player looking for a new LX size guitar then the Little Martin LX is what you need. This guitar despite having a small size compared to a full-size guitar will continue to maintain a bright sound and with balances in the bass. The guitar can be used to play beautiful chords, arpeggios, riffs, or fingerstyle.

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