Hemisphere to train balance and strength? Look at BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

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Do you need an accessory to train your balance and increase strength?

On many occasions we complain because we do not have time to get in shape: either because we work late, because we must be taking care of our children, because it is cold on the street or because we can not afford the gym fee. However, thanks to the manufacturers that are dedicated to making fitness products today it is easy to set up a small gym at home at a low-cost price. One of the increasingly frequent accessories in fitness routines is the Bosu ball, the inflatable semisphere that allows us to work on balance and strength.

Features of BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

This Bosu Pro Balance is an original product of the first company that was dedicated to the manufacture of this type of fitness product. The professional model is the one used by elite athletes and the one that can be found in many sports centers. In the case of the Bosu Pro Balance, we find that the inflatable semisphere is blue and is made of a resistant and non-slip material that provides great stability, both when it is placed supported on the ground and when it is our hands and our feet that make the support on it. The Bosu Pro Balance has a diameter of 65 centimeters. The base is made of hard plastic and black. The package includes a pump to fill the semi-sphere with air. The use of the Bosu ball as an accessory in fitness training is increasingly common among all types of athletes. This inflatable semisphere was originally created by David Weck in 1999.  Numerous physiotherapists and sports doctors recommend the use of bosu for the rehabilitation of athletes after an injury. Likewise, these types of accessories are also more than recommended to prevent injuries, since they allow to work aspects such as proprioception and balance. Some common exercises with the Bosu are squats, push-ups, side strides, side plank, or deadlift on one leg. If what you want to work on is balance, you can try to place the bosu with the sphere down and stay in balance. Another common exercise to work on balance and concentration is to climb on the bosu and try to juggle two or three small balls. This technique is used by many cyclists who are dedicated to mountain biking to work on their ability to concentrate and balance.

What is this accessory for?

In general, the use of bosu ball in fitness is focused on three main objectives:

Greater control of body posture. Working on an unstable surface will help us to have a greater perception of the posture of our body, our own body balance, and the balance of muscles. Bosu is widely used to work ailments that are caused by poor body posture.

Aerobic work. The bosu is also used to perform aerobic work that allows us to improve our cardiovascular system. It is common to see this semisphere as a complement in many Zumba classes, for example.

An improvement in balance. Undoubtedly, working on an uneven surface will encourage our balance to improve. One of the great advantages offered by the bosu is that it forces our body to coordinate all the muscles with each other.

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