Have fun with your family with the JINS&VICO trampoline

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Looking for a heavy-duty trampoline capable of supporting up to 1500 pounds of weight?

Trampolines are one of the most fun things a child can do, it seems so simple, but jumping on a trampoline is a feeling full of many emotions. You might think that trampolines are just for children and you may be right, but not because they are childish, but because the vast majority do not support the weight of an adult. You should know that trampolines are widely used in gymnastics sports, so using them as an adult is a guarantee of fun. If you have a small family with children it is likely that at some point your children will want to jump on a trampoline, but what better than to have your own trampoline at home? You can do amazing things, as long as you choose a pretty sturdy one. You will be able to jump with your children, so, I think this would be one of the best gifts a child could receive. Best of all, while your family is having fun, they exercise their body, so jumping on a trampoline is a healthy activity.

You should keep in mind that a trampoline must meet some rules to be considered safe. The weight of an adult is much heavier than that of a child, so you should get one that can withstand a weight greater than 1000 pounds, this way you can jump with your family safely. Another aspect to keep in mind is that it has a standard security approval, this way you will feel safer using it. The price of a good quality trampoline can be around 500 dollars approximately.

One of the best options to consider is the JINS&VICO trampoline. It is an incredible and fun trampoline capable of supporting 1500 pounds of weight, which means that up to 10 children can jump here, which is completely crazy. Ideal to enjoy with the family. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the JINS&VICO trampoline

The JINS&VICO trampoline is not just any toy for children, it is a trampoline that can support the weight of adults and children, so and your family can have fun using this incredible trampoline. One of the main features of this trampoline is how much they have cared about safety, it has ASTM approval, which is consistent that all specifications are met as advertised, so your children can jump safely use this trampoline. Another of the most interesting features is that this trampoline is capable of supporting adults and children (with a maximum weight of 1500 pounds). According to the manufacturer, 10 children can use the trampoline at once, ensuring that this will actually support the weight of several people. The legs of this trampoline are designed to better cushion the weight of people unlike most trampolines that are designed incorrectly, the JINS&VICO trampoline is designed so that the weight is distributed equally, so it avoids the chances of an accident. It includes windproof stakes and straps, which means you can firmly install this trampoline without running the risk of being moved by a strong wind. It includes a steel ladder so that children can easily climb the trampoline. The protective mesh has been designed to prevent accidental falls, so your children will be able to jump like crazy without fear of falling by accident.


The JINS&VICO trampoline is the best toy you can give a child. This trampoline can help your children get out of the house and have fun in a healthy way. This trampoline has several safety approvals, so you’ll feel more confident using it. Ideal for your child to have fun with his friends or to do it with him. Without a doubt, one of the best purchases you can make.

You can buy this item here: Amazon.com : JINS&VICO 1500LBS 16FT Trampoline with Balance Bar & 6 Wind Stakes, 1.6MM Thickened High End Curved Poles Trampoline for Adults or 10 Kids ASTM Approved Reinforced Type Recreational Trampoline : Sports & Outdoors