Grüns is Very Tasty Way to Get Your Super Greens

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I had been trying various super green powders over the past year as I wanted to add more super greens to my diet regimen without the hassle of having to actually cook and prepare many different types of vegetables to try and meet that goal due to my lack of time. While some powders worked better than others they all had a similar problem where no matter what shaker and auto blender I used, they would have some small clumping, or have a flavor that was either too strong or too light though some were okay.

Then I decided to take the plunge and try Grüns which is vitamins, minerals and super greens in a gummy form factor, similar to a fruit snack in consistency vs a gummy bear they are by far the most flavorful and enjoyable way to eat your super greens. I didn’t want to make a big commitment for a subscription yet, so at first I tried the smaller 14-day Trial on Amazon for these Super Greens Gummy Bears. When you get the 14 day trial you get a single bag with all the gummies together, there are 112 of them and you take 8 per day, the serving size is 8. Do not exceed the serving size as these are vitamins and minerals as some of these vitamins are fat soluble not water soluble and treat these as a nutritional supplement and not a candy or snack even though they taste like a candy or snack.

So the gummies are exactly the size you would expect from a gummy, they are dark green and despite having all the super greens like Spinach, Kale, Parsley the fruit blends in them really make them taste sweet and fantastic. They are more like a fruit snack though they definitely don’t taste like a candy and are more like a hybrid fruit/vegetable chew that leans more on the fruit flavors.

It is very easy to eat 8 of them as your serving size and they make a really good morning boost or post lunch boost, it is recommend you take them after you have had a meal don’t make them the first thing you eat to potentially avoid any issues if you have a sensitive stomach.

While using them for over a week I didn’t notice any specific improvements in anything, I did just enjoy that I was getting my super greens in a much easier and convenient form factor than with the powders. One thing I will say is the 14-day trial pack from Amazon comes where the gummies are pretty much mashed and fused together into one gummy monstrosity

So I would definitely go for the individual packs of 8 to avoid having to peel them away from the clump if you decide to take a plunge and try the Gruns Super Greens Gummy bears.

You can pick up the Grüns Super Greens Gummy Bears direct from their website, which is recommended over the Amazon sample.