eufy Clean HomeVac H20 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner: Powerful and Portable

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Would you like to be able to clean your car floor mats and seats in an easy and quick way?

You should know that, if you want to keep your car in perfect condition, it is important to carry out proper maintenance. Many people often forget to clean the interior of the car on a frequent basis and that can cause dust to make it look bad. The good news is that there are some vacuum cleaners on the market designed to clean the interior of the car quite easily. 

Portable vacuum cleaners are the best option as they allow you to clean not only the interior of the car but also some places in the home, especially those where a traditional vacuum cleaner would not be able to clean efficiently. Can you imagine saving money by cleaning your car in just minutes? eufy has designed and created an easy-to-use tool to make your car’s interior dust-free.

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 handheld car vacuum cleaner gives you everything you need to keep your car’s interior spotless. Despite having a compact size, it has incredible performance to ensure the best result when vacuuming up annoying dust. By having a portable design, it becomes versatile to function not just to clean the car but also in your home. Best of all, all accessories are included to further enhance your experience while dusting. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 handheld car vacuum cleaner

Would you like to speed up the cleaning of your car? With the eufy Clean HomeVac H20, you will not only be able to work more efficiently but also much faster thanks to its powerful suction. Weighing only 1.44 lbs., it becomes a feasible option for quick cleaning, unlike heavy corded vacuums. As you may know, cleaning car seats shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, so to ensure you can clean properly, this vacuum cleaner includes a long-lasting battery that can last up to 30 minutes in eco mode or 9 minutes in full performance. The rechargeable battery will charge quickly via the charging cable (included) and will only take about 1 hour to charge again.

Not only does the eufy Clean HomeVac H20 have enough power to suck up dust, but it can also suck up small food debris that often becomes difficult to clean. All these features in a tool that weighs less than 2 pounds; Without a doubt, you will get convenience and efficiency at the same time. All the necessary accessories are included to adapt the handheld vacuum cleaner depending on where you want to clean.


The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 handheld car vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution to speed up your car cleaning. With its powerful suction, light weight of only 1.44 lbs., and long battery life, it allows you to work efficiently and quickly, without the limitations of cables. Its ability to vacuum up not only dust but also small food debris makes it a versatile tool. In addition, the fast recharge of the battery in about 1 hour ensures consistent performance.

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