Enhance Safety in Your Kitchen with the ChangBERT Induction Cooktop

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If you are a lover of cooking or if you are still learning, you surely know how important it is to have high-quality utensils and appliances. Regardless of what you’re trying to cook, having better appliances will allow you to prepare them better in most cases. For example, having a high-quality stove can help you cook better, but it can also make cooking safer. Did you know that induction cooktops are designed to prevent accidental burns?

Induction cooktops vs electric cooktops

If you don’t know about the subject, then it’s important to know some features that both stoves offer. In this aspect, I am referring to security. Both can work equally efficiently (this also depends on the brand), but induction cooktops are much safer than traditional models, and this is mainly due to the way they are made. An induction cooktop heats the vessel directly, i.e. the surface is not heated as a traditional one would, which prevents common accidental burns, especially in homes with children.

If you are looking for the best performance when cooking, then the ChangBERT induction cooktop becomes one of the best choices. It’s great because you can adjust the power with great ease and even gradually adjust it to suit your requirements. Not only do you get a premium product, but also personalized customer service, plus a friendly warranty. Read on to find out all that this induction cooktop has to offer.

Main features

The ChangBERT induction cooktop stands out as one of the best choices if you’re looking to get the best cooking experience. One of the main features is that it can reach a cooking power of up to 1800W, which will be very useful when you need to cook food at a high temperature; this is often a big problem on other stoves that usually offer around 1500W as peak power. Although the maximum cooking power is 1800W, you will be able to choose from 16 levels (from 300W to 1800W) and 11 temperature settings (120°F to 460°F), which allows for greater precision when cooking food.

Much of this stove is made of high-quality stainless steel that ensures a long service life. The surface is made with German Schott glass, known to be one of the best in the world. With an energy efficiency of 83%, the ChangBERT induction cooktop not only offers better performance but also faster heating compared to traditional gas and electric cooktops. You’ll also be able to set a timer for up to 10 hours which will come in handy when cooking food that requires long cooking. The timer is also of great help if for some reason you forget to turn off the stove, simply activate it according to the estimated cooking time and the stove will turn off automatically, avoiding wasting electrical energy.

ChangBERT is committed to the satisfaction of its customers, and that is why this stove meets the highest safety standards. For a worry-free purchase, you should know that ChangBERT includes a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

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