EcoFlow GLACIER: Why is it the Best Portable Refrigerator?

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Do you plan to travel during the summer and are worried about the intense heat? Keep all your drinks and foods cold with a portable refrigerator

Summer is getting closer and closer and as you know that usually means that we can go to the beaches to have fun with our family. Although summer is a pleasant season for most people, the high temperatures can sometimes be unbearable, so if you plan to travel frequently during this season then be sure to bring plenty of refreshments. In many places in the United States, temperatures can easily exceed 86°F, so it’s important to stay cool during the summer. Fortunately, you can fix all those problems if you get a portable refrigerator.

A portable refrigerator is probably the best option if you plan to travel with your family and friends during the summer. The job of a portable refrigerator is to keep your food cold for many hours, so even during extremely hot climates, you should keep your drinks and food at low temperatures.  Keep in mind that not all portable refrigerators offer the same performance. If you plan to be away from home for many hours then I would recommend getting a high performance portable refrigerator, this will allow you to keep your drinks and food at a low temperature for more than 1 day.

The EcoFlow GLACIER portable refrigerator is a great option to consider if you plan to travel with your loved ones during the summer. With this thing you don’t have to worry about the heat, you can keep your beverage cans at ultra-cold temperatures so that your body stays cool during temperatures of +86° F. Best of all, unlike other brands, this portable refrigerator is great value for money. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the EcoFlow GLACIER portable refrigerator

  • Continuous cooling for up to 40 hours

One of the main features of the EcoFlow GLACIER is that it is designed so that you can keep your drinks cold for up to 40 hours. In this portable refrigerator, you can cool all kinds of food in a fast way, so if you are worried about the heat during the summer then this could be your best option.  Best of all, the GLACIER cools quickly when empty, which means it achieves an internal temperature of 32°F in just 15 minutes. Remember that to enjoy up to 40 hours of cooling you must add the 298Wh plug-in battery.

  • Dual zone

As you know, all foods need different temperatures in a refrigerator. To avoid any damage to your products, the EcoFlow GLACIER has 2 zones so you can store and cool your food. Best of all, both sections can be controlled independently. You can configure the sections to achieve a minimum temperature of up to -13°F and a maximum of 50 °F. Both sections can be joined at any time in case you need more space. You should know that this portable refrigerator is designed to cool up to 60 cans of drinks (330ml each). You can chill all kinds of foods (vegetables, meats, fruits, wines, and much more).

  • Integrated ice machine

The EcoFlow GLACIER is the first portable refrigerator to include an ice machine, so if at any time you need some ice cubes then this feature is sure to come in handy. This portable refrigerator includes a small section that will allow you to make ice easily and quickly. With the integrated ice machine you can make up to 18 ice cubes in just 12 minutes. If I ask you how it can do it so fast, then you should know that the EcoFlow GLACIER uses a 120W compressor so that the portable refrigerator can cool everything incredibly fast.

  • Easy to recharge

Charging this portable refrigerator is also quick and easy. You can top up the EcoFlow GLACIER in 3 ways. You can use solar energy with solar panels up to 240W and get a full charge in just 2.1 hours. You can also recharge this portable refrigerator from home using an outlet, you will get a full charge in just 2.2 hours (the charger is included). Finally, you can recharge the portable refrigerator from your car with a DC port and get a full charge in 4 hours if you use  12V or 2.1 hours if you use 24V. Another amazing thing is that you can recharge your devices using the EcoFlow GLACIER.  With the USB-C port, you can get a fast charge of up to 100W so you can charge your cell phone or laptop no matter where you are. Remember that all EcoFlow products include a friendly warranty.

You can buy this product in the official EcoFlow store