Drive at full speed with the Hosim 2845 remote-controlled car

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Remote control cars are amazing, but when you take the fun to the next level it is possible to get a car that can achieve very crazy speeds. Since childhood, we think that remote control cars are not for adults, but when you try for the first time a car capable of reaching speeds of up to 55 km/h then you realize that fun has no age. This is exactly what the Hosim 2845 does. This remote-controlled car doesn’t even look like a toy and I would say it could be dangerous if a child uses it without adult supervision. This toy is designed to take away boredom, so it promises to offer many minutes of fun. Something you should keep in mind is that off-road cars can withstand many more blows, which is logical if you consider that they can achieve high speeds, so if you want to increase the useful life then it is what you should buy. A shoddy remote-controlled car could break in the first accident and that’s not much fun.

The price of a high-speed remote-controlled car is a bit high, but the price is justified if you take into account that to reach 55 km / h you need more technology, in addition to better components. The fair price range could approach $150 if you are looking for a high-speed remote-control car that is also capable of offering good battery performance. The Hosim 2845 is the perfect toy, it has an incredible brushless motor that guarantees speeds of more than 55 km/h because it will undoubtedly be very fun to use. It is ideal for children and adults. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the remote-control car Hosim 2845

The Hosim 2845 is clearly one of the most fun toys you can buy, not only because it guarantees you fun, but because you can share valuable time with your children. One of the main features of this remote-controlled car is its brushless motor that promises to last up to 3 times longer compared to a regular motor. The brushless motor is capable of achieving an incredible speed of 55 km/h (almost twice the top speed of an average adult), so driving this will be so much fun. The battery is surely another of the most interesting features. 2 rechargeable batteries are included that guarantee 40 minutes of use (20 for each battery). You can use both batteries at the same time. The 2.4 Ghz remote control will allow you to continue using the car at a distance of up to 80 meters, which should be enough to enjoy at full speed around your house or park. To ensure better stability, it includes shock absorbers so you can drive on rough roads without worries. The Hosim 2845 features IPX4 waterproofing which makes it dust and mud-resistant.


If you are looking for a high-quality remote-control car, surely the Hosim 2845 is what you need. This amazing toy is capable of reaching speeds of 55 km /h, so fun is something you will be guaranteed. Ideal for adults and children.

You can buy this item here: Hosim 2845 Brushless 55+ KMH 4WD High Speed RC Monster Truck, 1:16 Scale RC Car All Terrain Off-Road Waterproof 2.4GHZ Hobby Grade Remote Control Vehicle for Adults Children(Green) : Toys & Games