Discover Everything the Plugable USB Digital Microscope can do

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Have you dreamed of having your own microscope to observe extremely fine details and small objects?

Microscopes are probably one of the most incredible scientific tools you can try, thanks to them there has been a breakthrough in science, so it is likely that in school or university, you have tried one once. Microscopes are easy to understand, the main feature is that they can significantly enlarge the image through their lenses, allowing you to see objects up close that the human eye could hardly do. If you think a microscope is difficult to use, you’re probably right, traditional microscopes are often delicate, so you can get a digital microscope for a more affordable price instead, they’re great and do a great job.  

Digital microscopes can magnify the image just as a microscope would a traditional microscope. One of the main differences is that  USB digital microscopes can be used almost anywhere, all you need to do is connect it to your laptop or PC. You should not worry about the image quality; I am sure that a good digital microscope can offer an image magnification as good as a traditional one would even get something better since the technology helps considerably to obtain better results.

Among one of the best-selling USB digital microscopes, we can find the Plugable digital microscope, designed for students and curious scientists of all ages. It offers a   great zoom so you can see in detail all those particles impossible to see for the human eye. Best of all, you can use almost any laptop, you just need a USB port. Like other Plugable products, your purchase is protected by a worry-free warranty.

Features of the Plugable USB Digital Microscope

If you’ve always wanted to find out how things look at microscopic size, then the Plugable USB digital microscope is probably your best bet. The main feature of this digital microscope is that it is incredibly easy to use no, you do not need to be an expert in science or anything like that, Plugable has designed this microscope so that all people can access this amazing technology without the need for complicated configurations. The zoom of this microscope can offer up to 250x magnification, allowing you to see in detail the surface of different objects like never before.

You just need to connect the microscope to your laptop’s USB port (works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, and some Android devices). Keep in mind this microscope is not compatible with iPhone or iPad (On Android it will depend on the manufacturer, and you will need an OTG cable), but that should not be a problem, since the best way to get better results is by using a laptop. Don’t worry about lighting, this microscope includes built-in LEDs to help you get the best image. Everything you need is included inside the box, ideal for children, adults, or curious scientists. Finally, Plugable has a 2-year warranty.

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