Colorado Boomerangs: Reviewing the Seagull Wooden Boomerang

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Like most people, I had always seen boomerangs in movies and didn’t think they could come back. However, it came to my mind to search the internet for some funny videos, and I realized that it was so possible that almost anyone can achieve it. So, I researched a few brands and while you can find many types of boomerangs from different brands, some are a bit untrustworthy and even have negative reviews.

Before I explain my experience with Colorado Boomerangs, it’s important to keep a few things in mind before you think about buying a boomerang.

1- You need more free space than you might think

Boomerangs can fly over distances of more than 30 meters and that means that any obstacle can cause the boomerang to accidentally break, especially if it’s a hard surface. This can also be dangerous if, for some reason, a person gets hit. Whenever you use a boomerang, make sure you have plenty of free space and no people nearby. Grassy terrain can make all the difference in preventing the boomerang from taking any damage while it learns to throw it.

2- Wind can be a big problem

Unfortunately, it’s very windy where I live during January and February, so finding a calm windy day is uncommon. The wind makes a lot of difference. The instructions that most manufacturers include offer information about how a boomerang should be launched in these conditions, but they will simply be useless if the wind is too strong. I tested my boomerang on a wind-free day and the difference was abysmal, it was so easy to get it back to me.

3- You need to practice

Getting the boomerang back into my hands for the first time took me about 2 hours, but I’m sure it would have been easier if the wind conditions had been better. Most people can get it back into their hands in less than 30 minutes. Just be sure to read the instructions and have a little patience. Everyone can make the boomerang come back if they practice patiently. Once you understand the logic of launching it, it will get easier and easier.

Colorado Boomerangs

This is a brand that makes boomerangs by hand in the USA, and they have been in business since 1987. They have a variety of distinct models on their website and in their Amazon store, but I chose the Seagull model because it had the best rating. This seems to be a boomerang made for adults, although I would say that anyone over the age of 13 can use it. From experience, a bit more force in the throw ensures a proper return. The website also classifies the Seagull model as an adult boomerang.

The Seagull Boomerang is made with plywood imported from Finland. The actual distance the boomerang can travel may vary depending on the wind and the strength of the launch, but the website guarantees a flight of up to 40 yards, so it’s the reason why having considerable clearance is recommended.

As for the quality, I can state that this boomerang is very sturdy, as I had some impressive crashes where I thought the boomerang wouldn’t be able to hold up and it did without a hitch. Most of the accidents happened when the wind was too strong, but in general, it tends to fall gently to the ground, so it’s not like the boomerang has a strong impact every time we are not able to catch it.

Overall, it will be easy to catch, and the build quality is notable, so if you want to have fun with a different hobby that also allows you to spend more time away from home, then you could give this boomerang a try.

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