Check Out this Complete Granite Cookware Set from Home Hero

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Need pots, pans, and more for your kitchen?

Home Hero is a spectacular set of 23 different kitchen utensils. Pots, pans, frying mesh, and much more. This set of 23 pieces is built with granite and manufactured with the best quality on the market. It’s an amazing set and includes everything you need to cook all the food. Each pan includes nonstick technology that prevents food from sticking to the pan. They are a perfect gift for your friends, family, or any cooking lover. They are also perfect to give away on birthdays or at parties (Christmas, New Year, and more). This set of 23 pieces allows for saving a lot of money. All parts are built to last for many years. If you have any problems, the company will respond in less than 24 hours. If you want to renovate your kitchen or save money this kitchen set is for you. This set of 23 different pieces is available on Amazon.

Feature of the kitchen set Home Hero

Home Hero is everything you need to renovate your kitchen. Composed of 23 kitchen pieces. They can cook any type of food. It includes everything you need to renovate your kitchen: pots, pans, frying meshes, baking trays, and much more. Its kitchen will look spectacular thanks to the fact that they are made of granite. All parts are made of granite, this guarantees a long service life. An amazing feature of these pans is that they are non-stick. Nonstick pans allow most foods to be cooked without sticking to the pan. The trays are designed to last a long time thanks to the fact that they are high strength. The trays have a thickness of 2.8 mm, preventing them from deforming over time. All pots and pans work on any stove. Another amazing feature of these kitchen utensils is that they work with induction (they can be used in the oven) remember that the egg pan should not be used in the oven. The utensils are capable of withstanding a temperature of up to 500° F.  This set also includes pan protectors (3) sponges for cleaning pots and pans (2) scrapers for pans (2). This company cares about its customers and sends the utensils in a box next to a bubble bag to avoid bumps during it is sent. The customer service is really good and offers a response in less than 24 hours. While most of the pots are of good quality some may have defects (it is not common) if that happens the company will send a replacement immediately. This set is a smart way to save money and the best of all is that this set of 23 pieces is available at an incredible price.


If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or give an amazing set to your family or friend this is what you need. Home Hero is a spectacular set of 23 kitchen pieces made with high-quality materials. Each pan, pot, and tray are made to have a long life. The customer service is good and will answer your question in less than 24 hours.

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