Breathe Healthy with the BaseAire AirWerx 35P Indoor Dehumidifier

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Do you usually have high humidity levels in your home? Reduce easily and start breathing healthier with an indoor dehumidifier

When we are in our homes we should prioritize comfort, so although many people take it for granted, the air we breathe is not always as healthy as it seems. You might think pollution can be a problem, but nature can also play an important role that could impair quality for people. I refer to humidity, a large part of homes has a high level of humidity, which can decrease your comfort and that of your family, for example, some people could have problems with allergies and asthma when breathing in places with high levels of humidity.

Fortunately, you can significantly improve the quality of the air you breathe with the help of a dehumidifier. What exactly is it and how can it help you breathe healthy air? Well, this amazing device is designed to decrease the amount of moisture that exists in your home, achieving healthier air. Depending on the manufacturer it can cover distance (they are usually used in crawl spaces). No matter what season you’re in, humidity can be high almost anywhere.

The BaseAire AirWerx 35P dehumidifier is a great option to consider if you want to breathe healthier. It offers up to 35% better performance compared to other brands, which means it will reduce humidity in less time. I will also mention 2 additional accessories so you can get the most out of this dehumidifier.

Features of the dehumidifier for crawl space BaseAire AirWerx 35P

Breathing healthier in your own home is no longer a problem thanks to the BaseAire AirWerx 35P indoor dehumidifier. The main feature of this dehumidifier is its incredible performance, which can cover 1000 square feet, which is up to 35% compared to other brands. This dehumidifier is made largely with sheet metal, which makes it much more resistant and durable. You can easily measure humidity with the help of a humidity sensor and a digital control panel. By manually configuring the control panel you can choose the desired humidity percentage, thus improving your comfort.

The BaseAire AirWerx 35P is so efficient that it can work seamlessly in temperatures as low as 36°F.  It is also easy to use and clean as it features a 19.6-foot long drain hose (the same measurement for vertical height). In just one day it can remove up to 70 pints of moisture, so the efficiency of this dehumidifier is simply incredible. It has two drain modes (water pump drain mode and gravity drain mode), and both work well, the manufacturer recommends following the instructions for you to get the best performance.

Best of all, your purchase is protected by a 5-year warranty and personalized lifetime customer service!

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2 accessories that could improve your comfort while using the BaseAire dehumidifier

  • BaseAire remote control

This remote control is perfect for controlling the BaseAire AirWerx 35P dehumidifier. It has a cable. It has a connector cable with 8 meters long, which allows you to control the dehumidifier more quickly and comfortably. For example, it could be used if the dehumidifier is in an enclosed space or if you simply prefer to improve comfort.

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  • Kit to hang the dehumidifier BaseAire

You don’t always have enough space to place a dehumidifier. This kit is designed to support up to 300 pounds, which allows you to hang without problems the BaseAire AirWerx 35P dehumidifier (it is also compatible with other models). To ensure the best protection you should know that the rope is made with braided polypropylene and the hooks with high quality stainless steel.

You can buy it here on Amazon