3 Amazon Subscription Boxes to Make Your Pet Happy

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We all love our pets, animals can become our best friend, so it’s normal that we always want to spoil our pets in many ways. Having a pet is also a big responsibility and as you know, it is important to keep them healthy not only with good nutrition but also by spending time with them (our pets love to play). You probably want to surprise your pet with a new gift, but maybe you’re looking for a different toy, something exclusive that isn’t repetitive and I’m sure Amazon’s subscription boxes for pets are what you need.

What is an Amazon subscription box?

Subscription boxes are a new idea from Amazon, you can subscribe to different categories and get a “mystery” box with new products every month, this means you can subscribe to a pet subscription box and every month you will receive a box with pet toys and treats. You can find subscription boxes for dogs and cats, so your pets will surely love this thing. Prices can vary depending on the seller, so the more expensive, the better toys you can receive. Best of all, most toys and treats are made in the United States (some come from other countries). Next, discover 3 subscription boxes that will make your pet happy.

  • The Ruff-N-Tuff box

If you have aggressive dogs at home, you know that you can not choose any toy, aggressive dogs usually easily damage most pet toys, so it is important to make sure that the toys are designed with safe and resistant materials. The Ruff-N-Tuff subscription box is a great option to consider if you are looking for durable toys for your favorite pet. Each month you receive 2 durable toys, which are designed with safe materials so that your dog can bite them without worries. In the subscription box, you can also find 2 goodies, entertainment pads, and best of all, every month you will receive a surprise. Something you should know is that the treats are made in the United States and Canada, this guarantees a high-quality product for your dog to grow healthy and strong.

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  • Meowbox subscription box

If like me you also have an adorable cat at home, then the Amazon Meowbox subscription box is a great option to consider. The main feature of this subscription box is that toys and treats for your cat are included, which are of high quality. Like the previous subscription box, the Meowbox box guarantees that all treats are made in the United States and Canada, this ensures that all treats are healthy for your pet. Meowbox also guarantees that you’ll get a handcrafted toy to support an American small business. Every month you will receive new products, which will have fun designs for your pet. Something interesting is that, with each subscription box purchased, Meowbox will donate a can of food to a cat shelter or the equivalent in money, so, with your purchase you are supporting the cats of the shelters.

You can get it here on Amazon

  • CareMe Subscription Box

This is probably the most expensive subscription box on this list. This subscription box is designed for dogs, but that’s not the best, the good news is that you can choose if you want hard toys or soft toys for your pet. If your dog has an aggressive bite then you would be advised to choose the subscription box with hard toys. Another feature of this subscription box is that all toys and treats are made in the United States or Canada, this guarantees that your pet only receives products of the best quality. CareMe also allows you to customize your subscription box, so you can change the number of toys or treats you’d like to receive, so you’re happy with each box you receive each month. Best of all, with every purchase you are helping animal shelters.

You can get it here on Amazon